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Who has budgets for what you sell?

Only provides you a customizable AI powered application to identify prospects with budgets for you.


Prospecting in your Territory

Opportunities are everywhere. In this demo you will see a sales rep prospecting in the city of Emeryville for AI/BigData related budgets. After finding specific companies and teams, the rep can see the relevant executives in LinkedIn.


Learn to use

AI is not always right.  Its still a relatively new technology and needs a leap of faith initially to get comfortable with the recommendations being made. On the upside it can uncover opportunities that your competition may not be aware of...  giving you a competitive advantage


Bring your sales and marketing challenges. Join us at the Growth Marketing Conference,

Dec 10- 11 in San Francisco  for a hands on workshop and learn to use to uncover Budgets for your offering. Click here for a  40% discount to register for the conference 

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So how does it work ? What are your data sources? Can you show me a demo? 

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